Newsletter – October 2017

Georges Gambit

Welcome to our second newsletter and the first for the month of October. It has been a busy past couple of weeks for the club with finalising the Brisbane Billycart Championships for 2017, and the ramping up of preparations for the Brisbane Kite Festival to be held on Sunday 22nd October at Murarrie Recreation Ground, Wynnum Road, Cannon Hill. Also, I have been dropping off Certificates of Appreciation for mascots and sponsors, and thanking all the volunteers who helped and supported the Brisbane Billycart Championships.

I would like to welcome our new members to the club - Karen Nielsen and Charlie Schembri, and also give a belated welcome to Marie Turner, Joelle Guillon and Karen Sheil.

Our guest speakers for the past month have been great, and there are more great guest speakers to come. These, together with talks by some of our members, will make for some very interesting breakfast meetings. As you see, October is shaping up to be another busy and great month for the club.

I will be away from mid October with my 1200kms for Kids Charity Bike Ride Group. This year we ride from Sydney to Brisbane so I will be driving down to Sydney on Thursday, 12th October, and will be back in Brisbane on Friday, 20th October. During that time Robin will be standing in for me once again. At this time, I would like to thank the club for its support and sponsorship. It is with your help that I am able to help all the sick kids in hospital.


Saturday 7 October Hummingbird House Open Day 10am - 3pm Saturday 14 October Breakfast/coffee at Lovewell Project Cafe

Saturday 14 October 1200kms for Kids Charity Bike Ride Sunday 15 October Walk for Wellness - It would be great to get a team together!

Sunday 22 October Kite Fest – see the blue folder to volunteer

Tuesday 24 October WORLD POLIO DAY

Saturday 4 November DIK 10.00am to 12noon

Wednesday 22 November Inaugural Bonner Seniors Community Expo at the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre, Wynnum.

RYPEN Camp 20 to 22 October - 14 to 17yrs – Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

RYTS Camp 3 - 9 December 16/18yrs – Regional Youth Transition Seminar

Certificates of Appreciation

Last week, George visited three of the four organisations that had sent or provided mascots for the recent Billycart Championships. The first photo shows George at the Hogs Breath Café at Carindale. The middle photo shows George with staff from Camp Quality. A staff member had actually delivered ‘Giggles’ to my home – and picked ‘Giggles’ up again, which was much appreciated. In the third photo, George is with a representative of the Brisbane Lions. The Queensland Scouts also made their mascot, Rex, available for the day, and George will visit them in the near future.

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